Using nothing but the latest most advanced products on the market we ensure we will leave your car looking as good as it possibly can.

Our Details are highly focused on the exterior of your car but all come with a full interior valet and Alloy wheel polish and sealant.

Should you be looking for any interior detailing or restoration please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Stage 1 Detail £299

This detail is focused on eliminating paintwork contamination such as oxidisation, marring and bird dropping stains. 

Paintwork receives a 4 stage decontamination process, safely getting us down to the paint lacquer surface where we begin to polish. 

A 2 stage machine polish correction is performed to arrive at a high level of Gloss and clarity.

Once the desired results have been achieved we apply a carnauba based wax sealant to protect the finish. 

Stage 2 Detail £499

More suitable for a car that has a bigger build up of defects or an older car that requires paint restoration.

Following a very similar process to our stage 1 detail but with an extra stage of machine polishing concentrating on heavier scratches, scuffs and paintwork defects.

A high grade carnauba wax sealant in this detail is applied twice by hand to leave an enhanced level of protection.

Ceramic Wax

One of the leading ways to protect your vehicles apperance why not add a layer of ceramic wax to enhance protection levels. 

We use one of the best on the market a Carnauba based wax, infused with premium quality ceramic compounds.

Helping Maintain a deep lustre with lasting resilience and epic hydrophobic water behaviour.