Glasgow Autocare - Quality mobile valeting in Glasgow

Glasgow Autocare - Quality mobile valeting in Glasgow

Glasgow Autocare - Quality mobile valeting in GlasgowGlasgow Autocare - Quality mobile valeting in Glasgow

With our Car Detailing Services we use nothing but the finest car care products available.. each of our details include multi stage  safe wash's, complete decontamination & a protective layer for both the paint and wheels when we are done

Should you be looking for any other info on our paintwork correction, scratch repair or paintwork restoration please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Stage 1 Detail £299

This detail is focused on minimising paintwork defects & majorly enhancing gloss!

With a multi stage safe wash & complete decontamination for all exterior surfaces where we will begin a 2 stage machine polish firstly concentrating on swirl mark minimisation then a finishing polish to enhance gloss!

All exterior surfaces will be treated, Glass polished, trims rejuvenated wheels deep cleaned/de contaminated then sealed..

Once the desired results have been achieved a single coat of Ceramic Wax will be applied to protect the paint! 

Stage 2 Detail £499

As our Stage 1 Detail but with a 3 stage polish, this detail we will aim for as close to full correction as safe to do so! 

Once the desired results are acheived in this detail we will apply a double coat of Ceramic Wax to protect the paint!

Once we have corrected your vehicles paint we would strongly recommend protecting its appearance in the future & considering taking one of our maintance plans where we can keep on top of it on your behalf!